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Let me put my vast knowledge of glass work to work for you, I have been doing stained glass work since 1988. I can create unique and one of a kind pieces utilizing the techniques that best suit your needs; Traditional Leading, Hard Came's (Brass, Copper, Zinc etc...), Copper Foil (aka Tiffany Style), Dale de verre glass (aka faceted slab glass), Beveled Glass, Etched Glass, Painting and Firing (staining) and more. I can work within almost any budget and will work with you to help develop a plan to achieve your goals. I will also help guide you through the glass selection process to help assure that the correct types of glass are picked (i.e. opalescent, semi-opalescent, cathedral glass etc...).

If you are in need of repair and restoration services, CLICK HERE to learn more.

My full service studio provides stained / art / etched glass service's to the Northwest Arkansas ( NWA ) , Northeast Oklahoma ( NEO ) and surrounding regions. In addition, I am available to provide commercial glass services beyond those areas. I also ship my work internationally.

custom stained leaded glass studio full service residential home entryway

How do I get an estimate?

Getting you an estimate is easy peasy! Many times I can get the basic information from a quick conversation with you.

You do not even have to know "for sure" what you want. I have been doing this long enough that after a short and casual conversation I can create a sketch or two based on what you have told me.

There is no charge to do this. And I can correspond with you either via phone, email or even social media such as Facebook messaging.

If you would prefer a face to face conversation, we can set up an appointment for you to come to my studio to discuss your project and there is no charge for that service as well.

Or I can come and do an onsite consultation, taking measurements and photos as well as do some rough sketches on site to hone in on the design you are wanting. There generally is a small charge to do an on site consultation, but something I do differently than other professional services is that I actually refund a portion of those charges when you retain me to provide service for your project.

Where can Stained / Art / Etched Glass be utilized?

- Entryways (door inserts, sidelights and transoms)

- Interior Pass-thru Doors 

- Windows

- Sunlight's 

- Partitions

- Mirrors

- Meeting Rooms and Foyers

What is the functionality of Stained / Art / Etched Glass?

Art Glass / Stained / Etched Glass provides numerous functions. Generally speaking it is utilized to add; privacy by obscuring the view, light control by obscuring and controlling a light source and last but not least decoration by adding detail and possibly even color to an area or room. It can also send a message and bolster your branding, such as putting a business name or logo into a window or viewable area, so that it is predominate.

Is there a job too big or too small?

The answer to that question is no. I have the experience to take on any sized project, and the advantage I have with my studio being in my home is that I can provide you with top notch service, at reasonable prices. I do not have the huge overhead that other studios have, and I pass along these savings to you the customer.

How extensive is your stock of glass ?

I have probably one of the largest selections of stained glass in the Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma region. With over 700 sheets of glass (full sized sheets to smaller sized sheets) which means I can take on any sized project. In addition, I can order glass from the same vendors and distributors as the larger studios.

In addition, I can also order in plate glass, mirror, tempered and other safety glass, insulated glass units etc... for your particular needs.

There is no studio that can stock sheets of every single glass that is made for the stained glass artist, there are just too many types of glass to make that feasible. But if I do not have in stock the glass you are looking for, we can determine the glass by looking at samples and then I can order in that glass for your project.

In addition to such a large selection of sheet glass on hand I also carry a large selection of other items such as bevels. I carry in the neighborhood of 1000 various bevels plus various bevel cluster packages.

I also have in stock faceted glass gems, imported from Germany and other locations. Glass nuggets and more...

How do we develop a design?

I do all art work myself and will take the time to talk to you to develop preliminary sketches and then the full sized drawings. In addition, I have well over 100 pattern books in stock as well as hundreds of patterns, which helps me to develop a custom design that will fit your needs.

What should our budget be?

As a general rule of thumb, I can work within almost any budget.

Without discussing a few of the details in regards to your project, it is very hard to give you an estimate. Which is why I offer no cost options to discuss your project and create sketches, so that I can give you an actual estimate for the project.

The price range can vary, but as a general rule of thumb you will find the pricing starting at the $100 per square foot range and up. It really all depends upon the final design, materials used and techniques utilized. In other words a simple geometric style design utilizing lower cost domestically produced glass is going to cost far less than a more intricate design that may also introduce things such as; imported hand blown glass, beveling, etching, painting and firing for detail work, silver stains etc...

As a side note, I do not up charge for certain things like puttying (cementing) the leaded windows, as that is a necessity for added strength. When I design and create these pieces, I do so utilizing age old techniques with the addition of the knowledge that we as artisans have gained over the centuries, and incorporate modern materials and reinforcement techniques. What does this mean? It means I am creating pieces that when properly maintained should last for over a century with no need for repair.

Once I have had the opportunity to discuss your project with you, I can then tell you how much it will be.

What are your payment terms?

25% is due at the initiation of the project. This will start the project and get us through the full sized design approval process.

50% (which will equal out to 75% of total project cost) is due at the start of production. This will initiate the glass selection and actual production of your project.

25% (balance) is due at the completion of the project. If you are picking up the windows and installing yourself, that means when you come to pick them up you pay the balance. If I am installing the windows for you, once they are installed, balance is due.

Deposits paid are non-refundable due to cancellation on the part of the customer. If you find yourself in a tight place in regards to your budget, due to unforeseen circumstances, during the construction of your windows, I will do my best to work with and accommodate your needs. I look at your project as more than just a short term endeavor, my goal is to cultivate a relationship with you that will be long term. So I will do everything I can within reason to help you during your project and after.

What questions should I ask from a potential stained glass studio?

First and foremost, you should ask them how long their artisan(s) have been in the trade. Do you really want someone working on your project that has only been doing the trade for just a few months or even just a few years?

Here are a few other things you want to know about those that will be doing work for you.

What style of production are you most familiar and comfortable with, copper foil or leading? This is important because the sad part is that today there are not that many qualified practitioners of the leading technique, which is the technique you will most likely want to have your project constructed in. Copper foil is just not suitable for many projects, no matter the level of reinforcement done to panels constructed in that manner.

Do you putty (cement) your windows, and if so is there an up charge for that service? Any studio worth their salt will always putty (cement) their leaded windows. This does two things. First and foremost it actually strengthens the panels, which helps them stand the test of time. Non-puttied (cemented) windows will deflect (bow and bulge) much quicker, it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of how soon. Second, this also weather proofs the panels, which if they are going to be in any sort of environment where they will be subjected to wind and rain, this must be done to them. And in regards to an up charge, why? This service should be automatic, not a choice (except in some very rare occasions) and therefore should be included in their pricing.

Do you charge to come out and give an estimate and if so, is that charge recoverable? Some studios do and some do not. I do because of the level of service I provide. It takes me time to come out and do a thorough site assessment. I not only talk to you but I also take photos, take measurements, determine installation procedures and more. This allows me to give you a concise and accurate assessment of your needs and the costs involved to do your project. Many of the studios that charge to do an onsite assessment do not refund those charges in any way, I do. Once you have committed to having the project done by me and have retained my services, I will credit the full amount charged for the initial assessment, and it will be taken off or your total charge.

- Do you reinforce your panels and if so how? There are various ways to reinforce panels and the most important thing is that they are reinforced. The old style of using a rounded rebar that is then attached to the panel via wire ties located a lead joints, has been replaced by the use of flat steel rebar that is attached to the panels solder joints by solder. Any studio that tells you that they either do not use rebar or reinforce the panels "internally" should be questioned. As no reinforcement is very bad, and internal reinforcement techniques are insufficient in relation to the longevity of the panel(s). A good designer and studio will be able to incorporate proper reinforcement that adversely affects the design as little as possible.

- Do you handle all of the steps of production in house or farm out any of the work? And do you do the installation yourself? Be leery of studios that do not have the expertise to handle your project from start to finish. They should be capable of doing everything from the initial sketches and drawings to the final installation.

What can you do for my business?

Being a full service studio I can create and install stained / art / etched glass for any of your needs. Do you need more privacy for your entryway? I can do that for you! Do you need privacy but still want light to come through your window? I can do that for you as well! Want to add some sparkle to your foyer, office or meeting room? That's right, I can do that as well !

- Entryways. Door inserts, sidelights and transoms.

- Meeting rooms. I can help you gain privacy with an elegant look, add your company logo or just bring some color into the room.

- Foyers. Showcase the individuality of your company in glass. I can create a "focal point" that sets you apart from your competition that will impress potential customers with your individuality and creativity.

- Furniture. Art glass inserts for book cases and etching for your glass top tables. The possibilities are endless.

- Miscellaneous. Art glass sculptures, customized giftware for those "special" clients and more.

Why should I choose you?

To me, you are not just a number representing a percentage of profit. You are not just ROI!

I will take the time to learn your needs and desires and help put into a motion a plan that helps you obtain your goals. To me this is a long term relationship.

I also will not provide you with sub par service or product, after all, my name is attached to this as well. I live in Kansas, OK but grew up in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. So I call this area, Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma, home.

There are fewer and fewer qualified stained glass artists that are not just capable of the creation of brand new works of art, but are also qualified to be able to restore turn of the century and older windows. I am one of those artists.

Learn more about my qualification here: ABOUT THE ARTIST

I will be up front with you about your project and be with you every step of the way through the process, this is my promise to you!

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