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All sales are final. Sales prices listed on this site do not include shipping and shipping insurance, see below for more information. If you wish to pick up the item you have purchased please contct me to set up a date and time to do so, as I work out of my home this will have to be done by appointment only. All amounts shown are represented in US dollars.


Preferred payment methods are; Credit Card, Cash, Money Order or Personal Check. Not responsible for lost payments (i.e. lost by the post office) In regards to cash, this form of payment should only be done when picking up and paying for the item(s) purchased in person. In regards to Money Orders please make sure to make a copy or retain the "stub" of your money order. You may make them payable to either; Frank Elder or Creations by Elder. Item(s) will be shipped within 3 business days of deposit of money order. In regards to Personal Checks item(s) will be shipped within 5 business days of deposit of payment, the reason for the delay is to allow the bank sufficient time to process the payment. You may make your check payable to either; Frank Elder or Creations by Elder. In regards to Credit Card payments, item(s) will be shipped within 2 business days of receipt of payment. Please note that the aforementioned applies only to product that is immediately available and ready to ship, this does not apply to custom orders as there is generally a "lead time" for the creation of those items.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover

Invoices: I can generate an invoice through my payment processing center,, that can be emailed to you that will have the details of the item(s) and a link to then pay the invoice from with a credit card. This is the way I prefer to handle credit/debit card transactions, as I do not actually "see/handle" the card details. Contact me for details:

note: In regards to NSF fees or stop payment orders the following applies; If your payment is denied due to insufficient funds or a stop order payment, a charge of $25 will be assessed to you. In addition, if my account incurs additional fees due to the afore mentioned, you will be assessed those charges as well. Any payment denied due to insufficient funds will be prosecuted if not taken care of within 72 hours of your being notified of such.


Shipping charges are not included in the pricing for items on this site, please contact me for a shipping quote. In addition, if you would like shipping insurance on your purchase(s) please let me know and I will quote the additional charge for that insurance. Items are only insured for the amount of purchase, which does not include shipping costs.

If shipping charges are estimated or quoted on an item that is listed on this site or one of my social media pages, it is assumed to be domestic shipping within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska also will require a quote as there is additional cost to ship to those areas. I do ship internationally, scroll down for more information and restrictions. Contact me with your international shipping information for an actual quote.

Also in regards to insurance, it is up to the buyer to make all insurance claims. Most companies require numerous kinds of proof. My suggestion would be if there is apparent damage to a package, take a picture of said package prior to opening fully. Then make sure to take photos of the item(s) that are damaged. You should already have a receipt from me detailing the amounts charged for the item(s) that you have purchased, but if you require another receipt let me know and I will create one for you. Generally speaking items can only be insured for the purchase amount, so if you bought something on sale you will most likely get the amount you spent to purchase the item back, not the amount that it might cost to replace the item (because it could be off sale).

Shipping times depend upon the type of payment made for the goods purchased. See the "Payment Methods" section above for more information.

In regards to International shipping, I do ship internationally. Rates vary depending upon the region the package is being shipped to. There are also limitations on insurance amounts depending upon the region being shipped to and the shipping company being utilized. Customer is responsible for any and all excise taxes, tariffs or other fees imposed by their local government(s) in relation to the import and purchase of goods from abroad. Customer also understands that there may be unforeseeable delays in the shipment, including but not limited to Customs Holds, and releases Frank Elder a.k.a. Creations By Elder a.k.a. CreationsByElder.Com, from any liability due to these circumstances.


I utilize standard construction methods for stained glass and art glass. This means that pieces that I create generally do contain some amount of lead in their construction unless otherwise noted in the description of the piece(s). I can create pieces that are lead free, and do upon occasion for items such as wearable art. If you have a project you would like to discuss and have a concern in regards to lead content, please contact me for alternative construction methods and pricing.


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