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I love to give back to the community and donate items for raffles and silent auctions to help benefit various programs in the region. Due to the volume of requests I can not fulfill every request made, but do try my best to help those organizations that I can.

As an artist my time is limited and as a small business owner I only have so many resources to tap into to fulfill these requests.

First I would like to explain how I work the majority of the requests that I receive and decide to participate in.

Being a "starving artist" is no fun and I like most people struggle to provide for my family every month , during the past couple of decades of doing this work I have developed the following approach to my donations.

  1. The details. You will need to provide me with details of the event and generally speaking I need to have a 30 day prior notice so that I have ample time to evaluate your request. Make sure to provide me with the contact information for the person that is responsible for putting the "event" together. I also need to know if you are a 501c3 entity (non-profit) or not. Also, let me know what your goals are for this event, if I know you have a certain dollar amount you are trying to obtain and have xxxx amount of dollars worth of product donated so far, this may help me to better determine what piece(s) to donate to you. Also, how established is this event? In other words, how many years has it been running?
  2. Sponsorship mentions. When you have literature etc... that shows the sponsors of the event I do require that I am mentioned in that literature, generally a mention that contains "CreationsByElder.Com" is what I am looking for, to help drive traffic to my site and services.
  3. Display of piece(s). I ask that my name and "CreationsByElder.Com" be placed with the piece so that it is visible to those viewing the piece.
  4. Split commission. I can not afford to just hand out works of art so what I do is provide you with a piece or sometimes more than one piece, and split the sell with you. I do a 50% split. In addition, there will be a reserve amount that needs to be posted to the piece so people know there is a "minimum" bid.
  5. Payment. Generally speaking in events such as silent auctions the winner of the auction presents payment that day for the item that they have won. I generally would like to see the payment for the split commission amount within 7 to 14 days of the item being sold at the event. If there are special arrangements that must be made I am willing to discuss this with you. If someone wins an auction and either pays with a form of payment that "bounces" back to you from insufficient funds or any other reason, you are responsible for collecting that full amount, and my payment is still due.
  6. Damages. You are liable for any damage to a piece that is in your care.
  7. Tax letters. I normally only donate to established 501c3 entities (non-profits) and when that is the case I do ask for a letter from the 501c3 for the amount of what I have donated (your 50%) for my tax purposes.

I have developed this system of handling donations over the years as I have had pieces that I just gave away to the organizations and that should have sold for several hundred dollars and ended up selling for significantly less than a hundred dollars. I have found that by doing my donations this way I am able to help out organizations and limit my losses at the same time.

So say for example a piece that would normally retail for $500 if someone came and ordered it from me, is donated with a reserve amount of $300. It then ends up selling for $400. The organization gets $200 to go towards their out reach programs and goals. I get $200 to offset the cost of production of the piece.

If you would like to request a donation please contact me here; with the information that I have outlined above. 


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