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When I started back full time doing stained glass work I did start teaching classes again, in fact I put together quite a thorough curriculum that encompassed everything from one day specialty classes to more in depth eight week beginner courses that taught leading and copper foil techniques.

But with working out of my home I found that space was limited, so due to that reason I have decided to postpone the majority of future classes until such time as I have opened another retail teaching studio.

With that said, I do provide private one on one instruction. The course that I provide can be custom tailored to meet your needs but basically consists of an intense program of five consecutive eight hour days. You will learn leading as well as copper foil with the end goal being to provide you with not only enough "book knowledge" but actual hands on knowledge so that you will be able to go home and confidently move on to more advanced projects of your own choosing.

Contact me for more information, pricing and availability.

In addition, if you are a hobbyist that needs some help with a project, I can do so via tele-presence. We can use programs like skype for real time help or work via social media messaging or email. Basically I look at the amount of time it takes to help you with something.

The charge is $35 per hour and can be invoiced via email and paid online with a credit or debit card. If the time runs a little bit over a full hour increment, I do not charge for that few extra minutes. The minimum charge is one hour, which is the $35. After that first hour I then charge in half hour increments of $17.50 per half hour.

I have found that this service works well for folks that have specific questions and allows us to focus on your immediate needs. And down the road you can then get me to help you with other areas. You can email me at

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